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Rustic Modern Dining Room, U.S Version

So I promised you a version of the Rustic Modern inspired dining room featuring products found in the U.S. It turned out a little harder than I originally thought because I had a hard time finding a rug I was satisfied with for the price. The one from the previous post, which you can find here, is an amazing kilim rug with gorgeous pastel colors and a nice subtle pattern that doesn’t take up too much of your attention. Then finally I stumbled across the one. It’s a bit pricey for my  liking but it has a beautiful pattern and I love the way the colors and textures of everything look together. Drum rolllllll…..

Rustic Modern Kitchen U.S Version_zpsukxvaiht



1.  Tropical Garden art prints| 2. Ranarp ceiling lamp| 3. Three piece element planter| 4. Norden dining table| 5. Zuo nob hill dining chair| 6. Woven shaker chair| 7. Safavieh Garrand area rug

I really like the dining table and ceiling lamp from Ikea so I re-used them but with different wall art, chairs, and this rug. Oh this rug…  I would use the Zuo chairs as captain chairs (the chairs at the ends of tables) and the shaker chairs for the rest. Using chairs with varying heights will give you visual interest plus I love the look of mixing chairs. Out of the two which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments, as always, until next time!


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