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My favorite dining chairs

I thought today would be a good round up day. I am working a little bit on a post using some of these guys but until its all done I wanted to give you guys a little something to look at. These are my top picks for dining chairs. There are some classic timeless pieces in here but also some funkier modern ones too.

First column | Norfolk low windor chair| Bistro dining chairs | Idolf | Klarup dining chair | Half and half chair | Cosmic dining chair |

Second column | Tommerup dining | Oval morris dining chair | Park slope chair | Woven shaker chair | Reclaimed crusoe chair  | Lidingby  dining chair | Swoop stackable chair |

It’s impossible for me to pick my one favorite out of the group because I love all of these for different reasons but my top two picks  are the Norfolk low windor chair and the Woven shaker chair. I can picture the Norfolk chairs and captain seats  with a set of the shaker chairs around a fantastic rustic wood table. Throw a giant glass vase of wild flowers on there and you have something amazing. which ones are your favorites? Until next time


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