Probably My New Favorite Website… Besides Pinterest

You guys!!!!! Long time no see. So things have gotten so hectic here at the Lindvall house. We’ve had some get-togethers inbetween school and work which has left little time to do anything time consuming here on Simply Beautiful. However, as I did my morning pinterest/blog hop I landed onto this SWEEEETTT Website The Design Network. It’s probably going to be my next stop after pinterest on my daily inspiration search. As a designer, it’s so important to be inspired and be influenced by those who know good design and this is a great place to find the MOTHERLOAD of diys and other decorative Videos. I highly recommend you sign up and poke around.  What made me stumble upon this site was the oh so very talented Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals. She uploads diys on her channel and I’m addicted because she and her husband are the diy dynamic duo. They’ve created some amazing stuff so if you haven’t visited their website please do yourself a favor and check out her blog.  So you can create stuff like these amazing copper shelves.



Great right? So get your butts over to the Design Network and definitely visit vintage revivals.

Until next time!


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