Interior decor

Today’s post isn’t anything too extravagant because I am gearing up for my last national test for SFI (Swedish For Immigrants). I have about a month to go so time is more and more precious. However I can’t go with out putting something together. It’s one of my few creative outlets after all.

office space

So this room I’ve named a mini man cave because I picture a small cozy dark painted space where some 30 something surfer comes home to do some extra office work, read books and articles and be able to sit and think. He’s probably got a old record player where he plays lots of Bob Dylan and other folky-acoustic music and such. He’s a reader who when not catching some waves with his buds or hanging out with his super awesome wife will be found stuck in a novel or something theological or philosophical. He’s probably one of those guys who can sit and think for hours without realizing it until its suddenly dark outside and this is his sanctuary where he can do just that.

I have to keep it short but keep it real. Until next time!

Art | Glasses holder | Wall Sconces | Desk | Pillow | Desk Chair | Rug |  Bookshelf | Reading Chair | Floor Lamp | Side table


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