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A Little Bit More Traditional

So I wanted to do something a little different. I love all sorts of design. Traditional, modern, industrial… however I tend to post more of my personal taste. This post was a fun one to do because it was a bit of a challenge. However it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.traditional room 2

This room I pictured belonging to a young woman who lives in a big city on the East Coast like New York or Boston. She works for a fashion magazine and has an obsession with pastels and shoes. She probably has a huge walk-in closet and her clothes, shoes, and accessories are all organized according to season. She loves to bake little perfect colorful desserts like tarts and cupcakes and probably has an adorable french bull-dog or daschound that goes everywhere with her. She is independent, professional, and classy, and throws the most gorgeous dinner parties.

Watercolor Abstract Art | Ceramic Table Lamp | Gold Stone Coffee Table | Barkely 3-seater Sofa | Fabrics by: Caitlin Wilson | Ranarp Floor lamp | Jones arm Chairs | Hand tufted Geneva Rug|


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