Currently covetting

Happy Sunday guys! I thought I would share with you some of things I’m currently coveting. I can’t seem to get over these wonderful little finds lately and wanted you to get in on the fun.

dark groutFirst is dark grout with white subway tile. I love they way the grout pops and makes perfect little frames for the tiles. Eventually when we get into a more permanent home I plan to install subway tile somewhere with dark grout. The brass fixtures are stunning too.

mcm sofa

This sofa I found on Chairish is still on my mind. I picture it either in a seating area in a master suite or being used for a breakfast nook. Either way I am in love with this sofa.


Found these poufs on ebay and the figurines on Chairish. I am a sucker for cool brass statues or figurines especially something cute like those partridges! I want to get some cool stuff on our bookshelf so I’ll be hitting the thrift stores here to soon to get some things. The big pillow from Indiska would be awesome on our wicker chair I found from the flea market and the little tasseled mud-cloth pillow is a little something from HM that I am thinking about adding to our sofa. Any more apartment additions are going to have to wait until next month though.

I’m currently on the hunt for a great sandal for summer. I got rid of all my sandals in my cross-country move and I want to get something that’s got a single strap going across the toes. I still have a month or two before I need to find the perfect pair.

Anywho have a lovely day, until next time!



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