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Flea Market finds!

So we have a flea market that comes to Luleå, Sweden only twice a year: the spring and the fall. It came to town this past Saturday and I had SO! much fun. Not only was it fun going through a bunch of awesome stuff but I bought some great stuff. I got my first paycheck from work and went sort of nuts but that was totally to be expected because I’ve been waiting for a flea market to come around for so long now. With out further adooo here are my goodies

lampK so, This lamp I got for about 150:- ($15). They tried getting 200:- for it but I haggled a little because I could go and get a new lamp for 200:-. I fell in love with it the second I saw it. I mean its  got gold on it. What more could a girl ask for?

Window seat Here is all my goodies, minus a ceiling lamp I found, all styled together. This “credenza” is something we already had and I plan to paint and post up in like 2 weeks or so. Anywho do you notice the chair?

Wicker chairThis my friends is the cream of my flea market crop! I got it for only 150:- and it is still a good solid chair! I actually saw a Wicker Peacock Chair but they had already sold it for like 1000:-. I only brought 1000:- with me so even if it hadn’t been sold I wouldn’t have gotten it. The two large green glass bottles I got together for 50:- ($6) and they are soooo pretty! love them.

wicker chair and pillowsThis rug I got for 100:-. I probably could have haggled it down to 75:- but it was the end of the day and the seller had almost everything out when we first got into the market and these types of rugs sell for like 300:- in stores. I was already making a sweet deal.


This ceiling lamp I got for 30:- it I am IN LOVE with it! It works totally fine I just needed to replace the light bulb because the one they used was a really low wattage and I needed more light. That’s the back of my husbands head. Hey there! It was seriously a great flea market day. It’s sort of a bummer cause the flea market only comes around twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. I would like them to do it in the winter and summer too but I may just see if I can take a train out to another city and visit some other markets in the meantime. Altogether with admission and lunch I spent about 550:- which is about $63. I’ll be posting photos as Improve some things here and there but until next time!






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