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Trick out your toe-kick

Toe kicks are sort of my new obsession when it comes to kitchen details. Its sort of odd how easily one  can forget how many truly amazing options there are for such a little thing. Here’s what I came up with. There are more options out there but these are the ones that you guys could easily do on your own.



Gold toe-kick

I’ve searched and searched and searched for any hardware store or place that sells toe kicks and can’t find one that already comes in gold unless you go through a show-room. Show rooms are expensive and worth it if you have that kind of money to spend but I would rather do a DIY version before I spend more than an arm and a leg on a toe-kick. So DIY version would be to either remove your current toe-kick and spray paint it or purchase an unfinished wood toe kick from a hardware store, spray paint it, and install it with matching gold screws. TA DA! Fabulous kitchen upgrade.



stone toe kick

Matching your floors and your toe kick can be a really nice combo. The neutral stone really pops against the white cabinets here. You can do this easily with any flooring material just make sure you use the proper tools to measure and cut your stone and or tile. You’ll need a wet saw or take it somewhere that can do this for you professionally. I don’t recommend going through Lowe’s or Home Depot because I’ve had tile cut at both places for a design board that I put together for a school project and they cut them crooked. It doesn’t matter if its a 2″ square or an actual installation. You need straight lines.



Tiled toe-kick

Here’ another fun tile option. I love how they made a herringbone pattern for the walls and did the same for the toe-kicks. You could use mosaic tiles or even subway tiles if you wanted to. There really are endless options to choose from.



Marble toe-kick

In this bathroom they went with marble. I would only recommend you use a white marble in a low traffic area. Marble is prone to stain and isn’t as sturdy a material as most people think. Its gorgeous so most people bite the bullet and use it anyway though. I think it would be perfect for a guest bath or a bathroom in a vacation home because those places don’t go through as much traffic as your kitchen or main bathroom. However a darker marble would work well for a kitchen. You could also go with granite. It’s sturdier and won’t stain.

Decorative tape & paper



Emily Henderson and Joy Cho collaborated together on a project and used Gaffers tape and gold contact paper to pimp out this awesome toe-kick. You can veiw the full details here. Armed with tape, paper, and an exacto blade, you can do literally ANYTHING you want to your toe-kick. Gaffers tape is going to last much longer than Washi tape but both will give you some fun colors and patterns to work with.

PAint it black

Black toe-kick

If you grew up on good ole rock n’ roll like I was (THANKS MOM!) then you’ll get the reference. Anyways, a black toe kick is a nice soft yet powerful way to give your toe-kick some love. This is what we have in our apartment now and I absolutely love it. If you’re not a fan of black its very easy to paint your toe-kick another color. I think a nice dark emerald green would go nice in this room too. Very natural and subtle but still adds some detail and depth.

Anywhooooosss I hope you guys are inspired! Trickn’ out your toe-kick can be a really inexpensive way to give your kitchen some life. So next time your kitchen feels a little ho-humm grab some paint and get goin’! Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite. Until next time!



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