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The beginnings of a put together apartment/tour

So I thought I would post up some photos of our living/dining room so you guys could see what it looks like.There are still TOOONNNS of improvements we need to make like get a better camera cough cough (I’m working on it), add more art, and find a way to hide all the hideous wires everywhere. I have plans to fix all of these things eventually when we have the money and the time. However we have made leaps and bounds in comparison to how things were a year ago. Like only a dining table and chairs, a sofa and my husbands desk. Nothing else. With out further ado… Welcome to our home.



So that sofa is second hand from our good friends and it’s the most comfortable thing in the world. Down side is its way to big for our living room/dining room/ offices. When we move in a few months we plan to get a bigger place cause my husband loves this sofa. That’s our baby fiddle leaf fig tree Fredrick. I name our plants



That’s my office in the background. Those school chairs were free. We live in a student apt. building so people leave free stuff every few months. I love it! That coffee table was $5 from the Red Cross and the two rugs together cost a little over $20. Clearly I couldn’t decide between the tulips or Fredrick.



That’s my husbands desk in the corner. I tried not to get it in the photo because its very disorganized but then I thought “who cares”. Let’s show what it looks like in everyday life.



This mid-century modern table is my FAVORITE! piece of furniture besides a bureau we got a few weeks ago. And it was FREE! Someone just left it out in the freakin’ hall! It’s got some bad water marks but I plan to sand her down and re-stain her. Eventually I’m going to get some cool baskets to use for storage under it and hide the wires.




I know the marks are bad now but seriously look how pretty it is! I can’t wait to make her like new.



This tin container is very special to me. It was my Grandma Bev’s, a neighbor turned grandparent from my childhood. Her and her husband Grandpa Wally used to baby sit us and she would bring my brothers and I grapes every saturday. She passed when I was only six years old but she is family still in my heart. Grandpa Wally gave my mother her old sewing cabinet and this was in there. I claimed it and brought it with me all the way from San Diego when I moved to Sweden.


Here’s the dining table and chairs. This was one of the first things we bought new and I sort of regret it cause we could find cheaper things elsewhere. However, I re-upholstered the chairs with some fabric from the clearance section and the red cross. I did two pink chairs and two mint ones. I was originally going to use that pink fabric for all four but then I found that awesome mint fabric at the Red Cross when we got the coffee table. There was only enough for two chairs so we have a mix-matched set. I love it and surprisingly so does my husband. He is seriously the perfect interior designer’s husband. I always as him if its okay if we do this or that to the place and he always tells me “you can do whatever you want. I don’t really care cause it always turns out good”. Once I tested him out to see if he really was ok with anything and I said “hey what if brought home this pink sofa”? He said it was great looking sofa and he would be totally down for a pink room. And I thought I couldn’t love him any more. The big plant in the window is Gerard and I haven’t named the little one yet because I want him to survive longer than a month before I get too attached. Completely normal… sort of.

Anywhooo Hope you guys enjoyed our little tour. Let me know if you want to see photos of the kitchen and bedroom in the comments below. Until next time!


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