Kind of client and kind of design plan

Dudes! So I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I should do this post but I decided why the heck not… I got HIRED (kind of)! A friend of mine messaged me last week saying they were in desperate need of help decorating and styling their balcony and they recruited me for the job. Anywho we’ve been collaborating and after they sent me photos of their vision I went straight to work. By that I mean I went to the stores to look at pillows and see what textiles and patterns we want to go with and so on. Here is a sneak peak at my process. Basically I’m that crazy girl at the store who gathers a bunch of things in the aisles and sits or stands there staring at them, moving them around, and taking photos to find the right combo. Yes people whispered and stared, no this girl don’t care. I love this job and my clients SO much. Seriously I would do anything to give a client exactly what they invision because in the end its your home, your space, and your life. I’m just the lucky one who gets to organize your visions and be a part of your life for a short while.


Here is the initial mood board. I’ll show you the final one once the clients have seen and approved it. But basically we’re going to have lots of pillows on the outdoor seating. Hanging lights and lanterns so it feels more like a living space and less like a balcony, floor poufs, there’s always floor poufs, and mixes of different textures like weaved fabrics, denims, concrete, and other metals. There will be TOOONSSS of plants. I have a very, very special DIY planned out for displaying lots of beautiful plants and candles and bob’s your uncle! Oh I forgot to mention a friend who happens to be a professional photographer is going to come in and take lots of awesome photos of the end product so you guys can swoon and sigh over how great everything turned out. Anywhooo until next time!



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