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Lighting Round-up: Pendants and chandeliers

I love pendant lighting especially if it has industrial elements. I see them and my heart skips a beat. Sad? Yeah a little bit but that’s what being a designer is like. We get excited by those sorts of things. I did a little shopping around to find some awesome pendant lights and this is what I gathered. They range anywhere from $20 to $500

Under $50

Here we have some funky stuff and even something that’s a little rustic. I think my absolute favorite from this category is the Ranarp ceiling light (taklampa). I really love the gold details on it. What’s great is the lamps aren’t super small so with the right light bulbs you can definitely get away with using one.

Foto ceiling lamp-Ikea| Onsjö chandelier– Ikea|  Ottava ceiling lamp– Ikea| Nipprig lampskärm – Ikea| Ranarp taklampa – Ikea| Threshold wire pendant – Target| Hektar ceiling lamp– Ikea| Maskros taklampa – Ikea| Minut pendellampa – Ikea|

Under $100

In this category we have some funky mod chandeliers and some pendants that could work well in a variety of styles. My favorite out if this category is the Zuo pendant and the Chip pendant. Both would work great in a kitchen but the chip pendant is versitile enough to be used over a dining room table in a kitchen nook, in a living space like a living room, or even in a bathroom.

Zuo armarillite ceiling lamp– Target| White washed wicker pendant – Dot & Bo| | Knappa taklampa– Ikea|Harbor mini PendantTarget| Petal puzzle pendant light– Dot & Bo|  Chip pendant in gray– Dot & Bo| |  Stockholm taklampa– Ikea| Taklampskärm dagg– Ahlens|

Under $200

Sphere pendant lamp in gold– Dot & Bo|Tin Patina light– Dot & Bo| Glass diamonds pendant- Dot & Bo| Scalloped hanging lamp– Dot & Bo|  Ariel ceiling lamp– Dot & Bo| Sweet cherry pendant- Dot & Bo| Zinnia pendant lamp– Dot & Bo| Cage of free light – Dot & Bo|


Okay so this is my favorite and least favorite category. I love the lighting in this group the best but the price tag makes me want to cry because unless I suddenly became the richest person ever, I would never buy them. They just cost way to much and I would feel guilty buying them. However that bamboo chandelier is so amazing. I love the form and how its modern in its shape but its rustic materials make it able to work in a myriad of spaces.

Tresor adjustable pendant light–  Dot & Bo| Adda taklampa– Stalands| Bamboo chandelier– Dot & B| Tigris Taklampa– Stalands| Large hicks pendant– Circa lighting|

So I tried to give you guys a well rounded round-up (ha. ha. get it?). Stuff that is modern, industrial, funky, and a little more rustic. You’ll notice I didn’t throw in any traditional chandeliers and that’s because I want this post to help you think outside the box when it comes to lighting. You guys already know about those so here are some other options to think about. I hope you guys like what I put together for you. Leave in the comments below which one is your favorite! Until next time…




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