Interior decor

Bright Moroccan Kitchen

I usually get inspired to make a space while I am shopping around, when I am bored, or while I am on Pinterest. I see something that is just so incredible that I get flooded with ideas and I can’t help but continue to find the perfect little pieces to make a whole new space. I saw this copper sink in Skye Gyngell’s kitchen remodel on Houzz. Not only is it gorgeous but it also has anti microbial and anti-bacterial properties. I’m sold…

skye gyngell's kitchen - simply beautiful via remodelista

So I jumped unto overstock to see if I could find something to my liking and that I did. My search turned into this! I wanted an apron sink so you could see more of the amazing copper and wanted to use cement tiles. I found these beautiful Moroccan tiles on overstock as well. They’re a cement/granite blend so they are sturdy. They’ll most likely fade with time but, for me, that’s just going to give them character. I’ll just get a wonderful rug to cover the damage that gets too ugly to look at. I imagine a mix of upper cabinets and raw-edge open shelving on top so I can showcase a bunch of pretty plates and mugs. The counters are actually wood tiles and not butchers block. I’ve met a few people who have butchers block and family members and/or guests will cut things on the counters instead of a cutting board and ruin the block. I feel like this is a great alternative. I wanted to use a lighter shade so that it stood out against the shelves and sink. There are tons of different wood element going on but I feel like it wouldn’t be too much because its like layering different textiles.

Morraccan kitchen

I wanted a subtle white backsplash with some texture to it. I almost opted for a cute hexagon tile but this bubbly herringbone spoke to me a little more. I think it’s so funny sometimes how you see something and you just know, that’s the one! perfect. The cabinets are the DIY Shaker cabinets from Semi Homemade. Its a showroom of custom furniture and cabinetry  but for a much MUCH lower cost! They customize the fronts of IKEA cabinets and drawers and most come in an unfinished option so you can install and finish or paint them however you want. Its a dream come true. If you’re wanting to find out more you can click here.These Moroccan tiles are so, so, soooo awesome. It looks wonderful with with copper sink and has some blue tones to go with the paint color but also has some dark grey undertones that will go well with the appliances.

These I think are the appliances I would go with. That oven… She’s gorgeous. I am thinking of a kitchen for my future home here so I would love an oven with six ranges and two ovens. I love to cook and this would make cooking so much easier because I could roast my meat , my veggies, and bake a dessert at the same time! From the research I’ve done Verona doesn’t make refrigerators so I opted for a black Maytag fridge and dishwasher. I think the pop of black will be a nice contrast with the other colors and if not I think it would great to do a soft black  or dark grey paint on the lower cabinets and do the green on just the top. Either way would be cool.

Floor tiles, sink, faucet|  Lighting-| Wood look porcelain tile,  backsplash-| Paint- Benjamin Moore’s Nottingham Green| Cabinets- Semi homemade| Appliances-



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