Desert/Southwest Inspired Wedding

I was perusing through Style me pretty and let me say TAHNK YOUUU! for not being another vintage, shabby chic, rustic wedding! While I do love that style, it is timeless and beautiful but its been outplayed. Too many mason jars and peonies and not enough of something else.

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The color pallet, desert blooms, and all around theme is phenomenal, different and refreshing. I especially love the use of geodes and drift wood through out the table-scape and how not one table is the same.

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This definitely cost a pretty penny but I think this is the direction weddings are going to be heading in. Something I always find interesting is how other design trends filter their way through out other things. “Festival fashion”,  south west and kilim inspired textiles in interiors, and the resurgence of Bohemian style have now filtered through into the wedding planning world and I love it. I hope to see more weddings styled this way. You can follow this link here or click one of the photos to see the rest of this gorgeous wedding.


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