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Spring Brunch With Target

PLACE-SETTINGSo first of all, how the heck is it already the week before Easter! geeze time flies… and  Emily Henderson style guru hosted a blogger brunch togetrher with Camilla Alves and I am sharing some of my favorite photos of the event with you here today. Not only is the color pallet gorgeous but the people there… So many bloggers I look up too and am inspired by. Anywho  its great inspiration for wedding bouquets and other floral delights.


Ranaculus, tulips, daisies… tons of whimsey and little easter bunnies popping out to say hi between the flowers. Its beautiful, cute, and happy all at the same time. When I look out the window and see snow falling, yes SNOW, I can’t help but get slightly depressed but its okay.

blogger brunch

Don’t you just wish it never ends?For more click the photos and it will take you directly to Emily Henderson’s blog. You can swoon and sigh over every perfect detail and hopefully get an idea or two from it for your next wedding and or even. Hey maybe you’ll just be inspired to make a mimosa who knows… Until next time, toodles!




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