Interior decor

An Industrial Bohemian Space “Consultation”

Sooo I have these friends who have been a couple for a long time now and recently moved into one of their parents old apartments. Its a great space and they adopted a lot of furniture but its not really them. They’ve had a bit of trouble deciding on how to go about furnishing the apartment because Marcus likes what typical Swedish dudes like: dark woods, black and white, modern. He also really fancies industrial elements like mixing metals and woods together. Linnèa on the other hand is my interior soul sister. Actually she’s kind of like my soul sister when it comes to everything. We buy the same clothes, love the same styles, and are pretty much some of the world’s coolest weirdos. She loves a mix of modern and old world, bohemian, bright colorful, and natural. She’s kind of spiritual and they have some sweet decorative pieces like a jade green buddha and an amazing art piece with the all seeing eye and exploding colors by our close friend Jenny Hjelm. Anywho, for fun I “consulted” for them. By “consulting” I mean I put this together when I had some spare time and said I made this for you what do you think…

Marcus and Linnea

 If you don’t know what consulting is basically they give the clients ideas for color pallets, what stuff to buy, maybe even a few architectural tweaks, a lay out, and the clients for the most part do all of the work themselves or through a trusted contractor. Now to the good stuff… I gave them ideas of what they can do with some options so they can choose what they want to splurge or save on. I know it can be dangerous giving a couple who already can’t agree some options but think about it… now they’ll be forced to discuss what they really want in the space but have an idea of where to go with it. Free therapy, you’re welcome. K so, we have the bulk of the furniture pulling in Marcus’ industrial modern thing with the Cb2 Agency chairs and open shelving but the pillows and rug are that bohemian colorful vibe that is Linnèa with a sofa that is a marriage of the two. Modern, clean lines but natural leather. The rest I would leave up to them because I think at this point they would be able to decide which coffee table and decorative pieces to get. That or Linnèa and I would go shopping while Marcus and Kris (my husband) go hang out and write lyrics in the studio. Either way its a win win.

  1. Black utility bookshelves – Clasohlson
  2. Wood shelves- Clasohlson
  3.  & Copper pipes for a custom open shelving unit – Clasohlson
  4. Faux lamb skin-IKEA
  5. Red stripped pillow Ohlssons Tyger
  6. Mint Pillow- Cb2
  7. Pillows &
  8.  also from Ohlssons Tyger
  9. Agency club chairs Cb2
  10. Sectional- EM in cognac
  11. Stockholm 3 seater sofa- IKEA in Seglora natur
  12. Rug – Ahlens
  13. Rug- Lagerhaus

If anyone in interested in getting the link for anything post a comment and I’ll get it to you. Anywho, comment and tell me what you guys think or what’s your favorite piece.

Until next time!


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