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Color watch: Soft Spring Greens





These colors are becoming increasingly popular and are being featured in many different facets of the art world. Soft greens are gorgeous and aren’t such crazy colors that they’re hard to deal with plus they add a touch of lively, nature-y charm. I probably should have put this color in my latest current obsessions post because I really am in love with these colors but that okay… I’ll feature them here. Because I am so over the moon with these spring greens I have plans to use them for my office space. I currently have the green decorative containers in the photo below and have some fabric in coordinating colors to make a sweet accent pillow out of once I purchase a new sewing machine. I am slowly but surely curating the perfect pieces for my first ever office space. Its totally my own and I’m quite excited.



These tiles are so beautiful. I found them on pinterest and tracked them to a photographer doing a project featuring Lisbon’s tiles because that region is known for its gorgeous colorful tiles. Anywho I did some color searching and found some paint samples. The first grouping is from Benjamin Moore. It looks like the last two colors are exactly the same but if you give a real good look you’ll see that the last one is slightly grey-er. I think it would look better with a bit of shine to the finish and not a flat because of it’s grey undertones.

The second row is from Farrow and Ball. I was actually first inspired by Smitten Studios kitchen reno where she and her husband used Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon no.25. I have a photo for your viewing pleasure below but if you want to take a look at the whole process click here. These colors make we want to put on a chiffon skirt, loose t- shirt, a flowing kimono and walk through some flowers or grab a swim suit and lay by the pool. Colors cause scenarios in my head, don’t worry it’s completely normal and doesn’t cause me to question my sanity. Colors going left to right are as follows: Nottingham Green, Lotus Flower, Fiddlehead Green, and Brazilian Rainforest. Next row also left to right: Pigeon, Breakfast Room Green, and Arsenic.



Until next time!


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