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My Current Obbsessions

bricl2 brick wall

Top Photo :                                                                           Bottom photo: http: //

Bricked archways: They’re so gorgeous and my heart can’t help but skip a beat every time I see one. I’ve talked about it with my husband before that when we buy a house it needs arched windows or and arched wall so I can cover it in brick. Obviously it would be better to have a window or wall pre-bricked/arched but the likelihood of finding one is pretty slim since our first house will more than likely be a fixer-upper.


lobs lobs3

LOBBBSS! Seriously guys, You can’t even begin to understand my obsession. My hair had been super long for a few years now and it gets in the way of every. single. thing. So naturally I chopped it off to a few inches below my shoulders like I’m in the middle of some kind of mid-life crisis. I love it and plan on taking more off in the summer after I get paid. Make dat money… Only thing to decide now is: do I go a-symmetrical or a-line? Hmm decisions decisions… Life is so rough (heaps of sarcasm).

byxdress3 byxdress byxdress2

Jumpsuits: When you wear them right they can be worn all year long and they’re like wearing pajamas but fancy! Win, win win. In Swedish you call them a byxdress which is byxor (pants) added to dress to make a pants-dress! I don’t why I find that so adorable but it is and you can’t change my mind. Side-note  that “I’m SO changeable” line by Moriarty in the BBC series Sherlock popped into my head.. A.D.D much?


Pastel office supplies: I currently have these on my new desk to hold pens, paperclips, and other little things. Aren’t they cute? I love the colors because it reminds me of spring. I’ll be posting office design updates on here soon for you guys. Its a huge pain in the tukhus now because our furniture no longer fits our needs or the space we live in. I’m racking my brain for ideas and you’ll see the results as soon as I can come up with some. Anywhoooosee until next time!


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