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Good morning shoot

2015-03-18 09.03.33Hello friends. This morning is the first morning over the past two weeks where I’ve had time to do something I truly enjoy and take my time doing it. One of the things that really relaxes me is grabbing a few things, setting up a cute vignette and snapping a few photos. To be able to take the time to make something beautiful and play around with different angles and set ups is so relaxing. It also helps me to feel a personal connection with God. For me, I believe that God created everything and is the first and greatest artist. When I style a shoot, room, or vignette I feel like I am taking after my father and simply enjoying being made in his image. I know not everyone believes this but I think we can all agree that people can never truly agree on things that are deeply personal but we can respect and admire those things that make us different and form who we are. 2015-03-18 09.08.56

20150318_08442920150318_084727 moneyshot1

Anywho, I’ve been slowly but surely gathering a few pretty decorative things that I can throw together and its cool because I now realize they also double as props. I’m pretty practical so I try to keep my “props” to items I will be using in everyday life like this rustic cutting board I bought from lagerhaus. We had a dinner party last Saturday and used it for a cheese board and it was so perfect. I also display it in my kitchen while I’m not using it.

moneyshot littlelamb

This one here is probably one of my least favorite/favorite shots haha. I know that can’t really be possible but I love my little lamb mugs so much. The’re cute and the perfect size since I don’t drink a ton of coffee in the morning. However the quality in the photo is pretty bad… I used my husbands phone so what can one expect?


For breakfast I had Turkish yogurt with raspberries, blue berries, shredded carrots, granola, and a few dollops of raspberry jam to sweeten it up with my coffee of course. Its a great breakfast when you have the time to sit and enjoy it but if you don’t I’ve been putting mine in little jars and taking it with me for a snack in-between classes. Freeze the berries the night before and add them frozen to the yogurt the morning of and it will keep it cold for a few hours. I recommend keeping your granola separate so it won’t get soggy. My hope for everyone today is to do something you really enjoy. Take whatever spare time you have to relax and be in the moment even if it’s for 15 minutes. Until next time, toodles.


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