Interior decor

Girl’s room in… blue?

 So my grandmother is super awesome and makes baby blankets for women who can’t afford a whole lot for their precious new arrivals and of course for everyone having babies in the family. I picked one out last time I visited because it is SO dang cute.  Its blue with white whales and a very pink-red color in it and I instantly thought how cute for a little girl! My grandmother corrects me “Jeniffer, it’s blue. Blue is for boys.” Well after going back and forth a few times I decided to take on the challenge of putting together a girls room around this “boys” blue blankie.

girlsroomI definitely designed this with myself in mind because its my future daughters blankie. In the very far future. I’m not hinting towards any sort of announcement by doing this post. Anywhoooo Its blue but that red is not a boys red. Its closer to a magenta than a red so I decided to use that as the main accent color. I chose to use a very light hued blue for the walls because it emphasizes blue without being too much and keeps it sort of neutral for when we have more kids, possibly a boy. The majority of the pieces are neutral because I don’t want to purchase things for one use. I like longevity and multi-purpose when designing nurseries because kids grow up, you have more, they move out of rooms, and eventually out of homes.  The crib is completely adjustable and extends to toddler size and is in a very gender neutral brown.  The dressure is a small one from Ikea but if you purchase two, you get a perfect sized one for half the price! My plan would be to use a jigsaw on the base to create a sort of gingerbread frame on the bottom to make a completely customized piece.


I like the thought of using rope to hang art above the dressure/changing table but more staggered than shown here. I like to mix round and square frames too just to give it more dimension.

For the gallery wall I found these art pieces and thought they were so cute. I would also mix in photos of baby, loving quotes, and hanging baskets for diapers, wipes, and other necessary changing items . On another wall somewhere I imagine sort sort of shelving to hold books and other decorative pretties. My biggest tip when purchasing for your nursery is to purchase stuff that is not too “baby”. Get bigger pieces like rugs, dressures, and lamps that are more adult and you can use as they grow up and eventually in other rooms. You can always paint them in pinks or blues but change out the color for another space.  Smaller things like pillows, art, lampshades, etc can be swapped out with out making you feel like you wasted your money. So there you have it. A girl’s room in blue! Until next time – Toodles

Crib from Buy buy baby – Rug, lamps, side table, pouf, add baskets from Target – Fabric from – Rocker from Dot & Bo – Art from Society6.


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