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Tuesday morning discovery

Hey there! So this morning I took a little free day from my Swedish classes because we’re having a friluftsdag (field trip) for part of the day but i was super tired and the weather is sort of gross today. Windy, rainy, cloudy. Its warm but we’re supposed to be skiing and sledding and it’s just not the right conditions. Any whoooo, the second after making my coffee I hopped on pinterest and started blog hopping until I stumbled upon….



Brian Paquette Interiors. He’s an East coaster (U.S) who recently moved to Seattle and I just can’t stop drooling over his portfolio. The first few project photos were all close-up and sort of dingy looking but I don’t know if he invested in a better camera or a better photographer but it was like night and day improvement.






And what’s awesome is he can do feminine designs too. Nothing disappoints me more than a designer who can only design within their gender.



Plus he does commercial interiors too. He has a definite modern vibe with tons of Mid century modern influences but I like how he uses darker, moodier colors and pieces. If you haven’t heard of him, go check out his blog and from there you can see his official site and portfolio. Hope you enjoyed this little discovery as much as I did.


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