Wallpapering For Less

I love wallpaper. I think it adds something to a room that paint just can’t replicate. Paint is great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes wallpaper adds just the right touch to certain spaces. Some wallpaper, though fabulous, is pretty pricey which my “create for less” brain just doesn’t like. However I have a few money saving tips up me sleeves for you.


Wallpapered panels. I love them. When I was in high school I had planned to do a panel on the fronts of my closet doors in a fun black and white damask pattern. What’s so great about wallpapered panels is that they are so versatile, easy to assemble, and save you money.


Framed panels like these shown above nod more towards traditional design but depending on the paper and your space they can very easily feel a little more contemporary. You can opt out the frame to give it a more contemporary look. You aren’t limited to wallpaper either! Fabric is a perfectly wonderful option too and opens the doors for more possibilities. You can lean your panels against the wall if you’re a renter and are afraid to put holes in the walls or hang them up on the wall.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to sizes and variations!Many years ago Domino displayed this awesome concept of using wallpaper in place of art. It takes up the majority of the wall but adds such life to this dining room.


Of course I can’t leave you without recommending places to find great wallpapers. Right now there are two online stores I’ve fell in love with. Spoonflower is an AMAZING!!! wallpaper and textile company that have great products in-store (online) and offer customization services. You can upload a hand drawn image and talk to someone about motif repeat, size, colors, and what materials you want. Then you place your order and it’s shipped to you.  Chasing Paper is another online company that specifically sells removable wallpaper. They have great patterns and will stick to virtually any surface so the possibilities are endless. Have a great weekend and happy decorating!


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