New look!

Check it out! We have a new background and header. When I first decided to make this blog there were very few free options for site design and customization but WordPress has made some updates so I made some too. How does it look? I’m a rookie when it comes to using editing software like photoshop or gimp so I still use Windows Paint. Yeah… takin’ you back to your childhood right?!?! The header and background were done completely in paint. Imagine the crazy things I could do if I learned how to use something more advanced. So… my plan is to go through some tutorials and start making huge improvements in using editing software and applying it to make better, prettier posts.  There are definitely some major changes that I will hopefully make in the near future but until then I’m just excited with how much better the site looks. If you have any tips or suggestions I am all ears, so, leave me some comments with any thoughtsor concerns. Until next time, toodles!


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