Bedroom ideas flowing… finally

I beg you all to forgive the horrible camera quality in these. I know it’s bad but my unemployed self can’t afford to buy a good camera yet. Working on it I promise. Anywhooo, our bedroom has been a daunting task for m because Of this wall color. When my husband moved in we had the olive green prior with this horrible modern bubbly wallpaper that I removed the second I could to the flower you now see below. Here in Sweden part of your rent goes into a fund for fixing damages and even decorative changes like flooring, wallpaper, and trim. I used the fund to make all of the floors the same color and then change the wallpaper in the bedroom. Turns out we could only afford to do up to two walls so I chose to change the one. If you had seen what color the floors were before you would have done the same thing. A weird beige in the living room and a baby food green/brown in the kitchen and bedroom.







It’s so gross in these photos… but its not so bad in person especiallially when I’ve finally figured out how I’m going to bring it all together! It’s going to take much more time to get it all done but its much more exciting now that I know its going to look lovely, while at the same time overcoming the challenge of making these olive green walls look good!

This is the color inspiration. I have always loved orange and turquoise together. But not an orangey orange. Something bright but a little on the lighter side like the peaches in the first photo. I think it looks great with the olive too. There will mostly be whites in the space with pops of orange and turquoise here and there so it’s not too much.d2fb106e0f01647e6434d31da6142652

This is the layout I’m going for. If you noticed, there is the perfect amount of space where we have the “credenza” in the first photo above for our bed and maybe a tiny bed side table. If not I’m putting up some shelves on the side of the closet. The “credenza” is going to become an actual credenza once I purchase and attach some legs, new hardware, and paint it white. We currently have a mid century modern bench we use as a media table but that will move into the bedroom once we replace it with wall shelving.


I have ideas to do something like this for a headboard depending on what bed frame we end up with. The dream is to get some indoor plants, a new laundry basket, some art, and a chair and side table in there but for now I’m just glad I figured out a color scheme!


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