Interior decor

Boredom and a fun orange sofa

The mister is pulling a 12 hr. shift today and the weather has me stuck inside. Windy, -9 c, and snowing. Thanks to Russia the wind is like ice gusts to the face so while its not cold temperature wise the wind makes it much worse…boo. Anywho, thought I would throw together a fun things for you.

Geometric, natural room

First of all,can we all just take some time to marvel at this sofa? I love it. It’s the perfect shade of orange. Not too bright, not too dark. It’s a rust color that could work in the fall but with the right colors can still be summery and work in the spring. Sort of feminine because of the way its back comes at a curve towards the arms but still simple enough that a guy could enjoy it too. To keep this room from being too girly I threw in lots of simple, modern, but warm, natural elements. The three tables you see in a row are side tables that would make a the coffee table. They could be clustered together with a tray on top, all in a row with a glass top, or even a wood slab stained a darker shade on top.

I picture this being the space of a young couple that have a dog and are very outdoorsy. They take hikes, go on runs, and probably live near a beach and enjoy walks along said beach, or even surf. They entertain and are a little too into their careers at this time to have kids but love each other and they’re dog baby to pieces. One of them is probably a graphic designer. For some reason I’m feeling the graphic designer vibe here, and they LOVE food. Serious foodies, probably love Indian and Mexican most, whose idea of a night out is jumping in the car, taking a bunch of random turns and trying some new ethnic place.

Target: throw pillows, side table/coffee table, gold facet vase CB2: black facet vase, butterfly chair West Elm: Area rug, sofa Grandiflora Home: Bookshelf Anthropologie: Mirror


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