My husband is not, and will not, ever be my whole world.

Today’s post is not really related to weddings or DIY’s directly but if you’re taking that step from relationship to marriage than I hope this helps you keep a little something in mind while you take on this new journey. I recently saw one of those cheesy facebook images being shared around saying “share if your man is your WHOLE world and you want to show him you CARE!” Blech. Cheesy and a trap that you shouldn’t let yourself fall into.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband so, so, so, much and I am thankful everyday for his presence in my life but he’s not my everything and my world will never revolve around him. Here’s why you shouldn’t either. We’re not perfect. As wonderful as my husband is he makes and will continue to make mistakes and one day he’s going to change. If I revolve my life around this person who seems to be absolute perfect and then starts doing a bunch of imperfect things then I’m just setting myself up for disappointments. Plural! Your life together is about going through those changes and making those mistakes together. Always remembering that you promised for better or worse.
Furthermore, I’m not just Jeniffer the wife but I’m also Jeniffer the friend, daughter, sister, student, goofball who loves to cook, bake, and dance around the apartment to T-Swizzy, and sing obnoxiously loud to Celine Dion and Chicago (don’t hate). Most importantly, I was and have always been God’s. It’s hard sometimes to force yourself out of the comfort of just hanging out with your man, especially when you’ve become not only a couple but best friends. It’s so easy just stay home and be with the hubbs but I have a life outside of that and hope you guys remember that too. Like the wise old man said “Baaallaannce” It’s about being able to balance these things while still remembering who are.


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