Three Sources of Inspiration Other Than Pinterest

Planning a wedding is hard work. While Pinterest is a great and wonderful place to find inspiration, its a little limited if you’re trying to find your style. When I was planning my wedding I wanted a romantic rustic, yet sophisticated style. It was all over pinterest, still is, so I had tons of things to draw inspiration from. However, if that’s not really your thing it can be quite difficult. Where do you start?

-What’s significant to you as a couple?

This is a really important factor in where you draw inspiration. If you’re religious, what traditions are important to you? Do colors have anything to do with that? Is your culture important to you? This is going to be you and you’re fiance’s day to celebrate your beginning. One of the ways you can do this is showing them what is important to you guys as a couple. I had a long distance relationship with a Swede, so I wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. We made a fun vignette that displayed a world map and the American and Swedish flags on a small table and 2 chairs because we sat on Skype talking for hours. Finding out what you want to display for others about your relationship can help other factors of the planning process fall into place. Even help you budget and see where you want to spend and save your money, but that’s for another post.


-Your personal wardrobe

Yep, this can be a huge help ladies, especially if your wardrobe isn’t that important to you. Sometimes if you don’t know what kind of dress you want, especially if fashion really isn’t your thing, it can block your inspiration and planning processes. Many people will tell you they planned their wedding around the dress. I knew the second I saw my dress that I was going to have some kind of an outdoor wedding with a vintage twist because it was a vintage style dress that was casual enough to be outside barefoot in the garden. Take a few minutes to find your favorite outfits, shoes, and jewelry and see if you can find an overlapping theme. Are there colors that are similar through out these items? Is it some kind of style, maybe even a motif? Don’t stick to just everyday clothes either. If you really reeaaalllly love a dress from your prom or some kind of function use that too. If you wear a lot of sneakers and loose comfy t-shirts, a casual, low-key, after-noon wedding probably will suit you more than a huge evening event. Maybe a dress with some kind of sleeve and a flowy skirt that doesn’t hug your body so much, with subtle detail works for you. Your clothing is a reflection of your personal taste so, seeing what stands out there can help you decide what you want to stand out in your dress choice and wedding theme.

-Your favorite places

Whether its a store, a coffee shop, a bar, or just somewhere outside that you like to go to often, can help you plan your wedding. What is it about these places that you love so much? Is it the atmosphere? The way its decorated? I’ve always loved nature and being outside so I used tons of natural elements in my wedding and I placed flowers anywhere I could put them. Also think about the places that are significant to you and your fiance. I saw a wedding once with a vintage school theme because the couple met while teaching. They used red apples for place cards, vintages desks for displays, and used lots of chalk board signs. Not only was it unique and different, but it was personal and a reflection of who they were.

Lump all of these things together and you might be surprised at how much clearer your theme and plans can become. The most important thing to remember is its your day. While it’s important to consider your guests, the first and foremost reason they are there is to celebrate you. So choose to show things that have meaning to you, as a couple, and worry about what they’re going to think last.


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