Trending Tuesday

Today’s post is to share “whats the haps” in interior design. Much like the comfortable, free flowing, and relaxed bohemian style we see in fashion,  these same natural elements have trickled into the interior world.  Inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors: deer-heads, gold, leather, and warm wood tones make up most of what’s really popular right now. The clean lines and effortless beauty and simplicity of mid-century modern styles are quite prevalent in the majority of decor lately and I have to say I’m loving it.



Leather has always been a sought after material for sofas and arm chairs but recently its being used in all sorts of different ways in interiors. From leather hooks in your entry way to straps on your shelves, it’s bound to make a trendy impact on your space. Medium tones like what you see above are really popular and I love how warm and cozy it makes a space feel. I especially love the pegs with leather straps from the picture on the top left.

Black focal walls:

Black gallery wall
Black gallery wall
Chalk board feature wall
Chalk board feature wall
Black feature wall
Black feature wall

Whether its because of everyone’s obsession with chalkboard paint awhile back or because black is the epitome of sophistication, I’ve seen a lot more Black focal walls in interiors recently. If its to write down your grocery list on a wall, show off your photos and art, or to anchor a space, a black wall is a good way to go. It can add contrast, drama, and set the tone for a great space. I have a feeling these will be seen a lot more often over the next few months.

Gold and bronze:

Gold and bronze are so chic! Adding a touch of gold whether its with an accent table, accessories like lamps or vases, or on the legs of stool or coffee table is definitely in right now. Even in the photo examples of leather shown above there is an element of gold or bronze in every one. I also can’t begin to tell you how I’ve been on the look out for a way to DIY the gold Safavieh accent table from Target on the bottom left. Target needs to go global and get over here in Sweden pronto.

White walls:

When I was taking design classes about three years ago we were generally taught that white walls were harsh, uninviting, and cold. However lately interior designers have been completely proving that to be false. With warm wood tones and other natural elements, these rooms feel cozy, inviting, and relaxing. Some of my favorite rooms are mixing white walls with naturals and neutrals: Natural elements like wood floors,wood molding and floor boards, leather or animal hide, metals like gold or bronze, house plants, or weaved baskets,  and neutral toned furniture. You see it a lot here is Sweden because it starts getting pitch dark at about 4:30 pm. The white walls help keep the spaces bright and fresh during the darker periods of the year.
I definitely like the direction design is going these days. Do you? Let me know in the comments below.

*The following photos are not my property but are the result of previous research. Photos have been found on blogs like sfgirlbybay.com, amberinteriordesign.com, dustjakcet-attic.com, apartmenttherapy.com, and Target and Domino’s online store*



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