Elements of a functional and stylish entryway.

Growing up in southern California my family never really had an entry way because it wasn’t necessary. Since it never snowed and didn’t rain very often many people would wear their shoes inside and if they did take them off, you left them by the door. There was rarely a shoe rack . Entry ways are of course becoming more popular in most homes and décor savvy individuals will try and create one even if their homes . However if you live somewhere with actual seasons its a necessity to have a place for everyone to put their coats, scarves, hats, shoes etc. Case you didn’t already know, I now live in northern Sweden and Swedish culture is you WILL remove your shoes right when you come into someone’s place. Most of the apartments and houses here come with an entry way with shelves and a coat rack by the front door. Today I thought I would share elements of a functional and stylish entryway. Interior design is NOT just about things being “pretty”. A great interior designer marries beauty and function so that your space is working at it’s absolute best. Here are a few examples of pieces that are perfect for entryways.

The very important coat racks/hooks:

If you have an open entryway and have a coat closet I highly recommend getting a standing coat rack. I love that these are making a come-back and they’re great if you only have a few coats and jackets you want to keep out ready to use. Clothing racks are so popular right now  are a cool and different way to fit your mult-storage needs. They’re great if you don’t have a coat closet. For a long narrow hall the long wall hooks  and clothing racks work best, especially for families. If you need storage for a slew of people a rack with a shelf is the perfect thing.

Tables/shoe rack:


Console tables with shelves built in are great storage for an entry way because they’re multi-functional. You can store your shoes on the bottom shelf as they are or use baskets to keep them hidden so you don’t have to worry about straightening them up before guests arrive. When you look for shoe racks try to find one that can also double as seating. You can DIY bench cover very easily or simply purchase a throw pillow or two to make it a little cozier.

Tables/shoe rack:

Seating isn’t entirely necessary. As a shoe lover I like to have one so I can sit take my shoes off after a long day. If you have older guests over frequently it’s nice to have so they aren’t constantly bending over to put their shoes on and off. (Reminder, I live in Sweden where you absolutely do not walk around inside with shoes. Those go on and off by the door so if you put your shoes on in the living room on the sofa, you usually get that “what are they doing” look. Its just not done). If you have the space and the means, buy a fun accent chair but if you’re limited on space, a bench with storage for shoes and other items will serve both functions

Functional pretties!

What is any room with out a few decorative items? Decorative bowls are great to throw your wallets and keys into when you leave the house plus having a designated place for them keeps you organized. Pretty and functional. A mirror is so nice to have when you need to wear hats to stay warm. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worried about hat hair! Its especially good if you work somewhere where you have to look professional and clean cut. Art work of course brightens any space and gives it personality. Whether its a painting, inspirational message, or family photo, its a great way to help you leave your place with a smile and give your guests a warm welcome.


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