To decorate the back of the chairs or not to decorate the back of the chairs…


I think that a lot of people have a hard time coming to a decision about whether or not they should really spend the money to decorate the backs of the chairs or not. I know that I have been racking my brain and have been trying to decide what a should do if it could fit into our budget. However after a little searching I found some great ideas I would like to share!

Like this awesome apple garland! if You are having a summer or spring wedding this is a perfect idea. Using fruit as decoration is so inexpensive and fresh. This can be done with any fruit that doesn’t have a large pit in the middle. I think the best way to execute this would be to use a skewer to make the holes and then use wire to string it across and get some pretty coordinating ribbon to attach it onto your chair. I showed this to a friend who is using lemons in her center pieces and mentioned making a lemon garland with burlap bows at the end.


Colored ribbon that coordinate with your wedding Another really cute idea is using different theme. Of course it depends on what kind of chairs your renting. If you’re renting something a little more simple and the chairs don’t have all the rails then this may not work.

Here is a little money saving tip. You DON’T HAVE TO decorate all of the chairs at your reception. If you want you can just decorate the back of the chairs in your wedding party. Not only does this make an inexpensive statement but it will make your wedding party feel special and set apart from your other guests. I think it’s a nice gesture  And if you’re really on a tight budget but really want chair decorations just do the bride and the groom’s chairs.

Just a little hint… At wholesale floral warehouses they usually have an area where they sell ribbon, floral tape, and a bunch of other stuff. At the one closest to me you get like 50-100 yards for about $12. If you want you can just add a simple bow to each chair.


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