DIY Seating Charts!

Hello again!

So I found a couple more awesome DIY ideas for seating charts. Now a lot of people hate the idea of a seating chart and think best to allow guests to choose where they sit. I would think so too if some of the people in my family weren’t off their bonkers. So in order to avoid mishaps or drama we’re having a seating plan. Now here are the elements of a seating plan

  • Guests names and the names of their plus 1’s
  •  their corresponding table and\or seat
  • Not too busy! If you have grandparents make it easy to navigate
  • Simple, clean, and precise
  • SIZE MATTERS! Make it big enough according to how many guests you have

Here is a really simple, clean, easy to read seating chart. They have the table number at the top of each list and the guests seated at the table below. The best part of this seating chart is that it’s super easy to make yourself! I would check your local thrift stores and second hand shops first for vintage looking frames. However you can just as easily go to target to get one with the right look. Next you will need string, twine or wire, super glue or hot glue gun, close pins, and card stock. All you need to do is string across your twine or wire, glue it to the back of the frame, use your card stock to print out seating arrangements and hang with close pins! Super simple. You can always get some really cute labels from free printables on other wedding blogs and your local craft stores.

Here is another easy seating plan. They just picked out a nice frame, removed the back and inserted a wood back, and tacked on the cards. These templates are really easy to find online so just print one out and use an exacto blade to cut them. I would have kept the existing back and covered it with burlap and maybe added a couple vitage looking flowers or scrolls in the corners for some embellishment. Once I’m back home from vacation I hope to add a video of my DIYed seating chart so you can get a more play by play of how to make one. Hope you enjoyed this neat idea and it inspires you to create amazing projects you’ll never forget on your big day. Good luck and happy planning!



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