Wedding favors

Hello there all,

So I have some easy party favor idea’s to share with you. Party favors are how you tell your guests thank you for coming to your wedding and enjoying your big day with them. Personally I never understood the point of the favors because I always thought being invited to the wedding and enjoying free food and refreshments is a pretty awesome way to spend the day, not to mention dancing and cake. Any who it is a tradition that is easily followed. Keep this in mind, how many guests that attend the wedding should determine your budget. I am inviting 125 ish guests so I am looking at favors that will cost about $1 per guest. Thats $125 spent on favors. Its a big chunk. However there are ways to keep it under a buck per if you are wise. Some cute ideas would be to send home a little bag of flower seeds, herbs, tea, or coffee home with your guests. Go to costco and see what coffee they have in bulk. I see starbucks there all the time. You can buy the beans, gind it yourself, and put in some cute little burlap bags home with your guests. Check out your local organic market. They usually have looseleaf tea that you can purchase by the ounce. Get 3 flavors depending on the season of your wedding and put them in some cute display jars with scoops and take home bags for guests to choose their tea and make their own favors. Its a fun and interactive way to send off the guests at the end of the night. My wedding is in the summertime so some manderin, raspberry\acai, or blacktea are great since iced tea is a classic summertime drink. Keep in mind! The flavors should possibly be different from teas served at the wedding. I am planning on serving specialty teas at my wedding for the non alcoholic beverage bar. To send guests home with those same mixtures would be a little redundant. For a fun DIY check out this link http://ruffledblog.com/diy-no-sew-tea-bag-favors-and-free-download-tags/ at Ruffled, a great blog full of wonderful ideas, on how to make your own tea bags. Enjoy and happy planning


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