Always, always, a bridesmaid…

Hello there wedding planners! I have some more tips and planning advice to share with you all. Now I don’t know about the general population but I found that finding something that is comfortable and works for all shapes and sizes for your bridesmaids can be very, very tricky if you try to be the controlling bride. When I was looking for dresses for my girls I first went online and picked about 4-5 different styles that came in my colors and gave them the option of picking their own style with my approval. I was lucky that they liked the same one. Howevvvverrrr, as lovely as the one the originally picked out was it was not the dress we ended up going with. Now if you have ever watched a single episode of My Fair Wedding with wedding extraordinaire David Tutera, you know what a Convertible Dress is. Here is a thumbnail of one but if you want to see what the look like up close check out Convertiblewrapdress.com By Sugarbits. These are BY FAR the least expensive convertible dresses out there. If you add /gallery to the web address it takes you to their photo gallery where you will see actual weddings with these beautiful dresses. They come in long short and a myriad of colors. To warn you, they are backless so you might want to spend the extra ten dollars for the tube top that they have available. You can afford ten bucks but you can’t afford a wedding peep show. The groomsman and your scary cousin/freaky uncle might enjoy it but save your girls the embarrassment and request they purchase one. Now as I said earlier these are the cheapest convertible dresses that I have found through my hours and hours of searching but you might find a less expensive alternative. For a short dress and the tube top it will be   $70 + shipping so about $75. Seriously you cannot go wrong here. You can purchase swatch samples for $2 each. They are not standard size swatches mind you but they show you what the fabric feels like and the colors in person. Another tip though! Please Please Please! Check department stores and have your girls try on different styles in similar colors. You will be amazed at how lovely coordinating dresses look in wedding photos. Just google mix matched bridesmaids dresses. Your girls will all love they way they look and you will still get the beautiful result. Never ever force your bridesmaids to wear something that they feel doesn’t allow them to move freely or that does not fit their body type. Happy planning!


2 thoughts on “Always, always, a bridesmaid…

  1. Wow…those convertible dresses are way cool….wish they had that option 18 years ago! 😉 Have fun planning your wedding.

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